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Feature in TV News Magazine "buten un binnen"

14 Jan 2016
The Radio Bremen TV News Magazine "buten un binnen" shows feature on work of Jacobs Robotics on underwater human robot interaction based on gesture communication.

Human Divers Signal Underwater Robots What to Do

17 Oct 2015
The EU project “Cognitive Autonomous Diving budDY” (CADDY) has successfully finished field trials in Biograd na Moru, Croatia. The Jacobs Robotics Group is researching within CADDY new processes to enable interactions between underwater robots and human divers for assistance during complex underwater missions.

IROS Technical Tour

28 Sep 2015
The Jacobs Robotics Lab presents itself a part of the technical tour to Bremen of the International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS).

Successful final field trials in the EU-project MORPH: Cutting Edge Co-operative Underwater Robotics System in the Azores

12 Sep 2015
From 31 August to 11 September 2015, the Center of IMAR of the University of the Azores hosted the final field trials of a new type of robotics-based distributed sensor system, aimed at affording marine scientists and commercial operators a revolutionary tool for marine habitat mapping in complex underwater 3D environments. The trials form the ultimate project demonstration of the EC research project Marine Robotic System of Self-Organising, Logically Linked Physical Nodes (MORPH).

Kick-off for EU-funded research project DexROV: Driver Assistance for Underwater Robots for the Oil and Gas Industry

17 Mar 2015
Robotics experts from Jacobs University will be working together with European colleagues on a new EU-funded project to add more automated functions to underwater robots used in off-shore oil and gas production. Named ‘Driver Assistance for Underwater Robots for the Oil and Gas Industry’ (DexROV), the project is funded by the EU within the H2020 framework in the area ‘Bluegrowth’. The consortium, which is helmed by the Belgian company Space Applications Services, consists in seven partners from six countries, of which four are companies and three are research institutions. Jacobs University is funded with €653,000 within DexROV.

CADDY Project: Successful trials in the world’s deepest pool for research on robot-diver-interaction

11 Feb 2015
The EU project ‘Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy (CADDY)’ successfully finished its first year review including experimental trials in the Y-40 pool in Montegrotto, Italy. Within CADDY, the Jacobs Robotics Group is researching new processes to enable the interaction between underwater robots and divers as well as possibilities for underwater robots to assist divers during complex underwater missions.

Jacobs Robotics Group investigates use of robots for underwater inspection of bridges during floods

15 Jan 2015
The Robotics Group at Jacobs University has just started with research on the development of an intelligent robot for the underwater inspection of bridges. This latest work forms part of the the project 'Vulnerability of Transportation Structures, Warning and Evacuation in Case of Major Inland Flooding (FloodEvac)'. Bridges in particular are critical transport infrastructures during flooding. On the one hand they are crucial for disaster response logistics and evacuations; on the other hand they tend to be strongly affected by the floods often becoming unusable.

Jacobs Robotics paper among Finalists for ICRA'14 Best Paper Award

1 Jun 2014
The paper "Representing and Solving Local and Global Ambiguities as Multimodal and Hyperedge Constraints in a Generalized Graph SLAM Framework" by Max Pfingsthorn and Andreas Birk made it at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) among the finalist for the best paper award.

Cognitive Robots for Logistics Solutions demonstrated at the CEMAT fair

22 May 2014
The Jacobs Robotics group very successfully demonstrated intelligent robotics solutions for logistics applications at CEMAT, the leading fair for intralogistics currently taking place in Hanover.

EU-Project MORPH: Underwater Robotics trials in Girona

22 Apr 2014
A number of autonomous underwater and surface vehicles from several European institutions including Jacobs University have just been tested in the waters off the Spanish Costa Brava.