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Jacobs Robotics qualifies for the SpaceBot Cup

16 Mar 2013
Jacobs Robotics is one of ten teams that qualified for the SpaceBot Cup.

Presentation at the Körber Foundation

20 Feb 2013
On 07. February 2013, the editor-in-chief of GEO Martin Meister and Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk of the Jacobs Robotics Group had a panel discussion on machine intelligence ("Forscher fragen: Maschinelle Intelligenz") at the Körber Forum in Hamburg, Germany.

Will robots dominate humanity in the future?

24 Sep 2012
As part of the Jacobs Kids University, on September 26th, Andreas Birk and Herbert Jaeger, will answer to the question "Will robots dominate humanity in the future?"

New dimensions: Jacobs Robotics successfully tests new 3D camera for underwater mapping

1 Aug 2012
As part of our activities in the MORPH project, we tested our newly developed high resolution 3D camera system in the waters off the Portuguese Azores islands.

EU Project MORPH

4 Apr 2012
As part of an EU project, the Jacobs Robotics Group is developing a new system for intelligent underwater robots in cooperation with eight national and European partners. MORPH – short for Marine Robotic System of Self Organizing, Logically Linked Physical Node – consists of a number of mobile components that are not physically, but virtually connected.

Co3-AUVs Summer School 2011

11 Jul 2011
The second summer school within the Cooperative Cognitive Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (Co3-AUVs) EU project is held from 11.07.2011 until 17.07.2011 at Jacobs University.

Jacobs Robotics in TV program "W wie Wissen"

3 Jul 2011
Feature on Jacobs Rescue Robots in German TV program "W wie Wissen"

Success at ICRA 2011 Robot Challenge

13 May 2011
Success at ICRA 2011 Robot Challenge

European Integrated Project RobLog

31 Jan 2011
The Jacobs Robotics Group is part of the European Integrated project "Cognitive Robot for Automation of Logistic Processes" (RobLog), which starts on February 1st 2011.

SSRR 2010

26 Jul 2010
8th IEEE Safety, Security, Rescue Robotics (SSRR-2010) at Jacobs University