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Jacobs Robotics in TV program "W wie Wissen"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The TV program "W wie Wissen" on the major German TV station ARD has aired on Sunday, 3. July 2011 at 17h00 a show on search and rescue including a feature on the Jacobs rescue robots. The feature covers joined experiments of Jacobs Robotics with Satoshi Tadokoro from Tohuko University in Sendai and his Active Scope Camera. The Jacobs robots generate 2D and 3D maps of a search and rescue scenario with aerial and ground robots. The maps guide the search process of the robots to look for possible signs of life like thermal signatures. The active scope camera of Satoshi Tadokoro is then used to locate a victim in a rubble pile. Further information can be found on the ARD "W wie Wissen" website with background information on the feature (in German) and of course in the ARD "W wie Wissen" video of the feature itself.