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CADDY project, year 3: The final validation trials

TitleCADDY project, year 3: The final validation trials
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMiskovic, N., A. Pascoal, M. Bibuli, M. Caccia, J. A. Neasham, A. Birk, M. Egi, K. Grammer, A. Marroni, A. Vasilijevic, D. Nad, and Z. Vukic
Conference NameOCEANS
Keywordsautonomous robots, autonomous surface vehicle, autonomous underwater vehicle, autonomous underwater vehicles, CADDY, cognition, diver companion, diving buddy, mobile robots, Navigation, robotic BUDDY

This paper described the basic concept behind the second and final validation trials of the Cognitive Autonomous Diving Buddy (CADDY) system. The CADDY system is composed of three components: autonomous surface vehicle (ASV), an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) named BUDDY, and a diver. CADDY aims to establish an innovative setup between a diver and companion autonomous robots (underwater and surface) that exhibit cognitive behaviour by adapting to diver's physical state, and actions, thereby improving overall diving experience by assisting the diver. Although certain problems were encountered during trials, the collected data and experience were valuable to identify potential improvements. Most importantly, divers felt safe and comfortable working and interacting with a robotic BUDDY thus achieving the primary goal.