1st Co3-AUVs Summer School

Bremen, 22.-26.07.2010


The first summer school on Cooperative Cognitive Control for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (Co3-AUVs) is held from 23.07.2010 until 27.07.2010 at Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. The summer school is organized within the Co3-AUVs project.

The Co3-AUVs summer school has a strong hands-on character. Participants receive the opportunity to work with state of the art marine robotics equipment and to engage in practical experiments. In addition, they are introduced to an Open Source marine robotics simulator featuring among others 3D visualization and physics, which allows them to continue possible work started in the summer school. Students on all levels (PhD /graduate/undergrad) from outside the Co3-AUVs project are particularly welcome to participate in the summer school.

The equipment used in the summer school for hands-on experiences includes complete AUV as well as core components like different types of thrusters, sonars, cameras, attitude and acceleration sensors, underwater modems and ranging. In addition to an introduction to the different components, the summer school concentrates in its sessions on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) in marine scenarios using vision and sonar both for 2D and 3D mapping and navigation.



  • Thu, 22.07.2010.: arrival, registration and introductory session (with get-together reception)
  • Fri, 23.07.- Mon, 26.07.2010: tutorials and hands on sessions

The summer school is co-located with IEEE Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR), which includes a marine robotics component. Participants of the summer school who want to attend SSRR can get a discount for registration.



Registration Fee

The registration fee is 60,- Euro. There is the option for financial support for registration and accommodation (see below).

Accommodation and Board

There is excellent on-campus accommodation available. The cost is 48,- Euro per night for a single room and 38,- Euro per night for a single room with shared shower (2 single rooms share a separate single shower room).

There is full board available, which costs 20,- Euro per day (breakfast: 5,- Euro; lunch: 8,- Euro; dinner: 7,- Euro). The full board includes drinks, a choice of different warm meals, and all-you-can-eat buffets with salads, side dishes, deserts, etc.

  • accom. option 1: 190,- Euro (5 nights, 22.07.-26.07.2010, single room & shared shower)
  • accom. option 2: 240,- Euro (5 nights, 22.07.-26.07.2010, single room)
  • full board: 100,- Euro (5 days, aftern. 22.07. - morn. 27.07.2010)

Financial Support

The total participation cost is hence

  • 350,- Euro (accom. option 1, full board, reg. fee)
  • 400,- Euro (accom. option 2, full board, reg. fee)

There is a limited number of financial support packages available to cover these costs. Participants interested in this should apply with their registration for financial support and provide a short motivation letter and a CV.

Registration Contact

Please register until 18. June 2010 by filling the following registration form and by sending it via email to Marta Müller ( mar.mueller @ jacobs-university.de ) with the subject line "Co3-AUVs summer school 2010" or by fax +49 421 200 3103.


The summer school is chaired by Kaustubh Pathak and Andreas Birk.



Reaching Bremen

Bremen is very well connected for travel. Bremen has an international airport with many inner-European connections, especially to the main overseas hubs of Frankfurt (Germany), Muenchen (Germany), Paris (France), and Amsterdam (Netherlands) with connections to America and Asia. There are also many train connections including ICE fast trains to Bremen. You can check for example the website of the German railroads, i.e., Deutsche Bahn. The site of the summer school is easily reachable from the airport as well as from the main train station by public transport - see below.

Reaching the Conference Site

Jacobs University is in the north of Bremen and it is easily reachable by public transport from the airport as well as the main train station; the following page gives some information on how to reach Jacobs University. In addition, there is information on the campus of Jacobs University available.